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Anasasia's River About Us

About Us

Thank you for visiting our website! We are a husband and wife team who own a small, online retail business located in Oklahoma.

Our Background

I (Laura) am originally from Massachusetts, and Kyle is from Florida. We moved to Oklahoma in 2010. Kyle was stationed at Tinker Air Force Base as a radar technician. I worked as an insurance sales agent.

In 2013, Kyle separated from the Air Force as a disabled veteran with chronic back pain. Around the same time, I was laid off from my insurance job. We decided to take a risk and start our own online retail business. We started by selling new and used clothing and accessories. Mistakes were made, but we learned a lot by doing this for two years. Eventually, we took a course that led us to create our own branded product.

Our brand, Anastasia's River, is combination of our middle names; Kyle River and Laura Anastasia.

Why Health & Wellness Products?

Kyle’s back pain inspired us to research back brace supports. After several months of research, we decided to use a maternity back brace as our first product. We had family and friends who were starting their own families and thought it would be a good opportunity to be able to use them in our product research.

We wanted to create our brand around our core values. Being active and living a healthy lifestyle is very important to us, which is one reason we chose the health and wellness niche.

We released our first maternity belt, the
Baby Bump Back Brace in October 2016 and our second product, The Unisex Back Brace in March 2017. We hope to launch several more products in 2017.