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Does It Really Help With Back Pain?

Yes, it really helps! Kyle suffers from chronic back pain. Several back braces were tested and he chose this one. He loved the double pull bands as well as the steel lumbar supports. Kyle wears his back brace daily.

Is The Unisex Back Brace Uncomfortable?

No, it is not uncomfortable. The double set of pull bands make it super adjustable. You can wear it as tight or loose as you want. The back lumbar braces are covered with cushioned material and the front band is constructed of breathable mesh.

What Size Should I Buy?

We have five different sizes to choose from. Measure the circumference of your waist at the top of your belly button and see our sizing guideline to find the right size for you. To give you an idea, our female model is 5’7”, has a 30” waist and is wearing a size medium. Male model is 6’3”, has a 38.5” waist and is wearing a size XL.

  Small:        27 – 31.5 Inches / 68.5 – 80 CM

Medium:   29 - 34.5 Inches / 74 – 87.5 CM
         Large:        31 – 36.5 Inches / 78.75 – 92.25 CM

    XL:             33 – 38.5 Inches / 84 – 97.75 CM

      XXL:           36 – 41.5 Inches / 91.5 – 105.5 CM

Can I Wear This Under My Clothes?

You can wear this under or over your clothes, whichever is more comfortable for you. If you think you will wear it over you clothes, you may want to take you measurements over you clothes.

Why Is Our Back Brace Better Than Others?

We spent months of research designing the perfect product. We read thousands of reviews about similar products so we would know what you needed. Kyle has chronic back pain and Laura has poor posture.  This is a back brace that will help with both of these issues.

Provides Ultimate Back Support

Provides support to the lower lumbar as well as upper back. The double pull bands aid in giving you the additional support you desire.

Steel Lumbar Braces

There are four steel lumbar braces. These braces help correct your posture and avoid a slouched position.

Wear It Anywhere

This simple design can be worn under or over your clothes.  Wear it to work, at home or the gym!

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