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  • This Traction Device relieves neck, upper back and shoulder pain caused by arthritis, herniated/bulging discs, cervical/spinal stenosis, worn spinal discs, pinches nerves, sprains and spasms.

  • Aligns your neck vertebrae and aids in giving you proper neck posture.

  • Traction stretches the vertebrae in your neck and spine by gently lifting the weight of your head off of your neck. This relieves pressure and opens spaces where your nerves exit your spinal canal.

  • There are many problems associated with poor posture; difficulty breathing, sore neck, sore shoulders, back spasms, improper spine alignment and headaches. Discreetly train your body to have proper posture and eliminate these problems.

  • Figure 8 design pulls your shoulders back and helps to remind you to stand and sit up straight.

  • Features three adjustable Velcro straps to obtain the optimal fit. Fits chest circumference’s from 28 in to 48 in.

  • This pregnancy brace is reinforced with four steel lumbar supports. They help to provide extra back support and pain relief.

  • The belly band gently lifts your belly off your pelvic and hip area, helping to relieve your pelvic, hip and groin pressure.

  • “One Size Fits All” never really works for anyone. Measure the circumference of your lower abdominal region and see our sizing guideline so you can purchase the correct size.

  • This back brace is reinforced with four steel lumbar supports. They help to provide upper and lower back support and pain relief.

  • Our brace is constructed of breathable, mesh material on the front band. It features two adjustable pull bands allowing you to wear it as loose or tight as you need.

  • Lifting heavy objects whether at work or the gym can injure your back if you do not keep a proper posture. This brace helps keep your back posture in the correct position while lifting.

  • 100% Natural and Eco-Friendly! These bands are chemical free and deet-free.

  • Each mosquito repellent bracelet is made with a blend of natural essential oils to provide you with 300 hours of insect protection.

  • Wear a repellent bracelet on your wrist, ankle or use it as a hair tie. No more expensive, smelly, sticky aerosol sprays!

  • Our wrist splint helps alleviate pain from existing wrist injuries including: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, sprains, strains, tendonitis, fractures, arthritis and torn ligaments.

  • This wrist brace features three steel bars that help control wrist flexion. Our splints have extra stitching so your steel bars won’t slide or fall out while you are wearing your brace.

  • Receive a FREE WRIST WRAP with your purchase! The BONUS Wrist Wrap can be worn as a smaller, more discrete wrist support. Wear it while you are working, exercising or performing any daily activity!.

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