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Does It Really Help With Pregnancy Back Pain?

Yes, it really works! We tested multiple maternity back support belt designs and hand picked this design. It was the only one that had lumbar supports and we, along with our test subjects unanimously chose this one.

Is The Maternity Back Brace Uncomfortable?

No, it is not uncomfortable. Due to the two sets of Velcro bands, it is easy to adjust the tightness of the brace making it comfortable no matter what you are doing. The lumbar back support is made of cushioned ventilated material for extra support and comfort.

What Size Should I Buy?

We have five different sizes to choose from. Measure the circumference of your lower abdominal region and see our sizing guideline to find the right size for you.

     Small:        34 - 40 Inches / 86.5 – 101.5 CM

   Medium:   36 - 42 Inches / 91.5 – 106.5 CM
Large:        38.5 - 44 Inches / 98 – 112 CM

  XL:             40 - 46 Inches / 101.5 - 117 CM

  XXL:          42 - 48 Inches / 106.5 - 122 CM

Can I Wear This Under My Clothes?

You can wear this under or over your clothes, whichever is more comfortable for you.

Why Is Our Maternity Belt Better Than Others?

We spent months of research designing the perfect product. We read thousands of reviews about similar products so we would know what you needed. You need a pregnancy brace that breathes, is light weight, is adjustable, that doesn't bunch or ride up and that comes in different sizes. Ours is all of this, that is why it is perfect for you.

Provides Ultimate Support

Provides support to the lower lumbar, abdomen, and hip area providing relief of upper and lower back pain and discomfort during pregnancy.

Gently Lifts the Belly

Designed to gently lift the belly, relieving pressure from the lower back and pelvic area.

Wear It Anywhere

This simple design can be worn under or over your clothes. The reinforced lumbar brace makes it difficult to bunch or ride up. Wear it to work, at home or for exercise!

Frequently Asked Questions