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In the News: Anastasia's River Announces A Website Name Change

June 9, 2017

Earlier this month, Anastasia's River released a new website domain name. Their old website was which included their company name. Their new website is which includes their new brand name.

Anastasia River's new website's features:

  • User-friendly platform for both mobile and desktop users

  • Faster loading pages

  • Faster loading images

  • More compact homepage


"We know the importance of branding." said Laura Wall, owner of Anastasia's River. "When we first created our website, we just had our company name: LW Retail LLC, so we went with that. But, after finding a direction we came up with the brand name of Anastasia's River, which is a combination of our middle names. We thought it was a good idea to change the name of the website sooner rather than later."

Anastasia River's website still has the same pages and product information as the old website. In fact, for the first several months the old domain name will still be redirected to the new domain

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