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Small Business News: Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Available For Purchase Now

June 9, 2017

 Anastasia's River announced the launch of their new product: Deet Free Mosquito Repellent Bracelets. It was originally thought the repellent bands would not be available for purchase until June 9, but they are available two days ahead of schedule. These deet free bracelets can be purchased on Amazon now.

Benefits of Mosquito Repellent Bands:

  • Cheaper than most aerosol sprays

  • Lightweight and small: easy to throw one or two in every bag or purse so you are always protected against mosquitoes

  • No Sticky Aerosol Spray Mess

  • No Stinky Aerosol Spray Smell

  • Deet Free: Made from essential oils. The active ingredients are geraniol, lemongrass and citronella oil.


Features of Mosquito Bracelets:

  • Lasts up to 300 Hours: Each band comes with a resealable pouch.

  • Clear Color: Will match or blend in with whatever outfit you are wearing.

  • Very Stretchy: Can be worn on your wrist, ankle, around your neck or as a hair tie!

  • Pet Friendly: Pets get bug bites too. You can attach one to your pet's collar or leash!

Mosquito season is upon us - Don't get those itchy bug bites! Click Here to purchase your repellent bracelets.

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