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How Does Neck Traction Work?

December 5, 2017


Anastasia's River announced the launch of their newest product: Inflatable Neck Traction Pillows. The neck traction devices can be purchased through Amazon Prime now.


Traction Pillow Benefits:

  • Helps with your neck posture

  • an aid with spinal decompression

  • Helps relieve spinal pain

  • Helps relieve neck pain

  • Can act as a neck support when sleeping while traveling

Traction Pillow Features:

  • Three layers

  • Covered with a soft, comfortable material

  • Two velcro straps for securing it around your neck,

  • Hand pump

  • Pump valve and a crimp seal to seal the air tube and stop air leakage.

  • Four fun colors: dark blue, purple, rose red and gray

  • When deflated, they are very small and fits in any bag or purse

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