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How I Lost 30 Pounds and Still Ate My Favorite Foods

January 3, 2018

I Was The Heaviest I Had Ever Been, I Needed To Lose Weight


My weight loss journey started January 2015. I stepped on the scale and saw the largest number I have ever seen for my own weight. My husband (Kyle) loves to cook delicious not-good-for-you meals. We had been going to the gym and running 2-3 miles each day, but we were massively over-eating. Exercise doesn’t matter if you eat more calories than what you burn off.

I am 5’7” and weighed around 150-155 for the last 10 years. When I stepped on the scale, I weighed 169.4. My pants were too tight, I had chin fat and I felt sluggish. Kyle and I had done crash diets in the past. I would lose 7 pounds in a week and then go back to eating normally and gain it all back. I needed a change and I needed to lose real weight.



According to the CDC’s BMI Calculator, I was Overweight. Even my previous weight of 155 was on the higher side of what I should weigh according to my height.

Kyle and I decided to lose weight together, in a healthy way. We wanted to create a healthy lifestyle, not just go on a fad diet. We wanted to lose weight and we wanted the weight to stay off.

We decided to have a weight loss competition to lose 15% of our starting body weight. I weighed 169.4, so I needed to lose 25.4 pounds. Kyle is 6’3” and weighed 260 pounds, he needed to lose 39 pounds. If I won, we would take dance lessons together. If he won, we had to go backpack camping and sleep outside in the wilderness without a tent. I needed to win because I did not want to do this at all.

Laura’s Starting Weight: 169.4
169.4 pounds*.15% = 25.4 pounds.
169.4 pounds – 25.4 pounds = 144 MY GOAL WEIGHT


Kyle’s Starting Weight: 260
260 pounds*.15% = 39 pounds.
260 pounds – 39 pounds  = 221 HIS GOAL WEIGHT


We took “Before” pictures so we would have something to look back at once we hit our goal weights. We also took a picture about once a week to see our weekly progress. It’s nice to see the scale numbers decreasing, but it is nice to see your hard work paying off from your pictures too. Sometimes you feel like you look the same, even though you weigh less and those weekly pictures were huge motivators for us.

I told a couple people about our weight loss competition to get healthy. Their immediate reaction was: “Men lose weight quicker than women, you are going to lose.” That motivated me even more.

It does seem that men lose weight quicker than women. BUT, most men are bigger than most women. They are taller and weigh more so they lose pounds quicker. You can’t focus on each pound, concentrate on the percentage of weight lost.


His Starting Weight: 260
Pounds Lost: 7
Percentage: 2.7%

My Starting Weight: 169.4
Pounds Lost: 4
Percentage: 2.4%


I will take the next several months to post what I ate, the recipes I made, our weekly weigh-ins, weekly pictures, my happy and sad moments and everything in between. Neither of us are professional cooks, nutritionists or fitness guru’s. We are just regular people who needed to lose weight to get healthy. We needed a complete life style change.

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