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Don't Start A Diet, Change Your Lifestyle

January 5, 2018



Below are our "Before" pictures. We remembered to take them about 2 days into our lifestyle change, so we were still the same weight. I'm not sure why we look so crazed- we had just finished a workout, so maybe that's why.


Seeing these were a very big shock for us. We have always been athletic and eaten fairly healthy. We felt embarrassed that we allowed this weight gain to happen. We created a picture folder on the computer, the folder was called "Frightening Inspiration."


I didn't want to tell anyone how much weight I had gained. I feel embarrassed even now, 3 years later, to post these pictures and my starting weight.



I understand that our starting weight may be someone else's goal weight. The reason we started this weight loss competition was that neither of us felt comfortable in our own skin. I've never had very high self-esteem and hated certain parts of my body. Being so unhappy with what my pictures looked like motivated me even more.

Besides not liking what we looked like, I knew that both us of were not healthy. My blood pressure and cholesterol are usually just barely in the "Desirable Range", even when I'm eating well and exercising. I had blood work done and when the results came back, both were the highest they had ever been. Kyle and I were also having sharp chest pains and that really scared us.


To make our weight loss more fun, we started our weight loss competition, but our ultimate goal was to get healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We called it a lifestyle change, not a diet. A diet does not last, but a lifestyle change does.


I will share the first week of My Food Diary in a separate post.


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