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Family Vacation's Don't Have To Mean Your Diet Is Ruined

January 12, 2018

So, in the first week I lost 5.5 Pounds. I was very excited and proud of myself. It was a struggle because my body was not used to eating at this much of a deficit. I was constantly hungry, but I knew I had to shrink my stomach. My body was used to getting food whenever I was hungry or bored.


The following week we had family visiting us from out of state. We went out to eat a lot and we had

 a BBQ party on the weekend. I didn’t log everything, skipped some meals, ate “Snake Meals” but I stayed within my calorie range for the most part.



(Kyle and I refer to a “snake meal” when we eat one giant meal in the day and nothing else. You ARE NOT supposed to do this, but it happens sometimes).


Luckily, some visiting family members do enjoy running/exercise, so we were still able to get exercise each day to help off-set all the extra food we were eating.


We knew we would go over our calorie limit. I told myself that I could not eat everything that I wanted to. I made a choice between margaritas and chips. I chose chips. Kyle chose beer as you can see in this picture he took with his Mom.



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