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5 Steps For Lazy-Girl Food/Cooking Prep

January 25, 2018


I do not enjoy cooking at all. I hate chopping, I'm no good at flavor combinations. I feel like food and meal prep is a waste of time. Maybe I'm too lazy.  Since I loathe daily cooking and prep so much, I needed to find a way around this.

1. I chop a bunch of peppers, onions, mushrooms and Sautee them slightly. I use what I need for that meal and put the rest in the fridge to use when I wanted.


2. On Sunday's, we would grill a whole pack of chicken breasts. If at some point during the week I didn't feet like cooking, I could use a chicken breast. You can quickly turn it into a wrap, sandwich, salad, quesadilla etc.


3. If I don't have a fully stocked fridge, I WILL go out to eat.

4. I individually wrap 7-10 potatoes in aluminum foil and bake all of them at once. The ones we don't eat, go into the fridge for the next meal.


5. White rice goes with everything. We always have a cooked pot of rice ready to be re-heated.


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