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5 MORE Steps: Lazy-Girl Cooking/Food Prep

January 26, 2018

Here are 5 more of my Lazy Girl food prep ideas.

 6. Casseroles can be huge! We throw chicken breast, seasonings, rice, veggies, canned soup in a dish, bake it and BAM, six meals.


7. Basically refer to number 6, and replace the oven for cooking with a crockpot.


8. We try to have snacks that require no prep for when we are super hungry and can't wait for food to finish cooking. Some of our favorites are: bananas, apples, half a peanut butter sandwich, celery and peanut butter and carrot sticks.


9. When I am in the mood to cook, I cook instead of reheating left overs. I save them for another meal when I don't feel like cooking.


10. Do not do all of your food prep in one day! It will seem like a huge task and you will wear yourself out.


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