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Easy Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

February 23, 2018

Here are some easy-to-do weight loss tips and tricks.


1. Get Moving Burn some calories - Any little movement helps! Do the laundry, clean the house, walk the dog, take the kids to the park, mow the lawn, whatever you want! Do you work on the fourth floor?- Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Going grocery shopping?- park in the space furthest from the door. Bring a light dumbbell to work and do dumbbell curls at your desk. It is so easy to incorporate a little bit of movement in your everyday routine.



Here is a video of one day we took the dog for a walk, we stumbled upon cows and got to feed them! Fun things happen when you get moving.



2. Limit Your Condiments: I recently decided that if you need to drown the food you are eating in ranch or ketchup or some other condiment, you don’t really like that food, you like the condiment. If you can’t eat a French fry without a pile of ketchup, don’t eat it. If you can’t eat a carrot without a pile ranch, don’t eat it.


You might be thinking, “You’re crazy Laura, ketchup is meant to go on fries, ranch is made for carrots.” Yes, you are right. I’m not talking a lightly dipped fry. I am talking about the scoopers. You know, you use one packet of ketchup for three fries. I used to think I was being healthy by submerging my tomatoes in ranch. So much ranch, you couldn’t even see the red of the tomato. I thought, “Hey, at least I’m eating tomatoes.” But actually, I was eating hundreds of calories of ranch, with a couple slices of tomatoes. Guess what? - I DON’T LIKE TOMATOES. I can’t eat certain restaurants fries without ketchup, so I just don’t order those fries anymore.


Eat the foods that you always eat with condiments, without the condiments. You be the judge of if you really like the food or not.


3. Dip Your Salad: Whenever you order a salad, ask for the dressing on the side. Leave the dressing on the side and dip before each bite. Even if you end up using all of the dressing they give you, it’s still usually less than what they would have put on the salad. And, in some cases, you might not even use all the dressing they give you.

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